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李明輝: 康德歷史哲學論文集 --世界觀點下的普遍歷史觀念

李明輝: 康德歷史哲學論文集 --世界觀點下的普遍歷史觀念

世界觀點下的普遍歷史觀念, Idea of a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View

1. Whatever concept one may form of the freedom of the will ( 自由意志 ) with a metaphysical aim,

its appearances, the human actions ( 人的行動 ), are determined just as much as every other natural occurrence in accordance with universal laws of nature.

2. History, which concerns itself with the narration of these appearances, however deeply concealed their causes may be,

nevertheless allows us to hope from it that it considers the play ( 扮演) of the human will (人類的意志 ) in the large, it can discover within it a regular course;

and that in this way what meets the eye in individual subjects as confused, irregular yet in the whole species can be recognized as a steadily progressing though slow development of its original predispositions.

蕭若元 不斷挑戰高登仔既容忍極限



蕭生今次當正高登仔 都係智障青年咁玩得咁過癮,其他人係點我就唔知,但我既話以後所有
同人網以及 人民力量有關既野我都唔能會再參與,票選亦都會一票都唔會比佢地,


高登年年搞登報搞遊行 人地一樣當睇唔到,即管由得蕭生 同劉嗡睇下人網幾有影響力,我亦都

相信呢家已經唔少 高登仔同我一樣, 已經對你地極度反感至呢個程度。

我預左呢個acc 會bam,唔知篇野遲d 會唔會刪埋,想bam 就bam想刪就刪啦,講完啦,蕭生你今晚 慢慢嗡飽佢啦。


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