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我認為, 應該發明同推行一個 反大陸手勢 , 見到蝗民就做出嚟,

尤其見到佢哋不文明惡嘅時候, 以示彼此係清清楚楚嘅兩類人.


香港高登仔公投 , 獨立自主, 如何可能?

香港高登仔能否在老蕭手上, 收回香港高登的自治權?

Protestant 的意思

Actuated by these considerations, great men have claimed that the fundamental meaning of " Protestant " is a man or a church which has NOT bound itself to certain unalterable standards of faith

but protests AGAINST ALL authority in matters of belief, AGAINST ALL engagements contradictory of that sacrosanct ( 極神聖的; 不可侵犯的 ) right.

--- excerpted from : The Positivity of the Christian Religion by Hegel, 1795
Hegel's Early Theological Writings (1948 ), page 128

Richard Kroner : Von Kant bis Hegel 論康德與黑格爾

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