Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

the unity as otherness

the unity as otherness

this unity is, therefore

a) being, only as affirmative, that is, immediacy self-mediated through the negation of negation: being is posited as a unity permeating its determinacies, limit etc, which are posited in it as sublated;

b) existence : in this determination on it is negation or determinateness as moment of the affirmative being; yet this determinateness is no longer immediate by reflected into itself, refers not to another but to itself;

absolutely-determined-being, absolute in-itselfness, the one; otherness as such is itself being-for-itself;

c) being-for-itself : as that being which persists across the determinateness and in which the one and even the being-determined-in-itself are posited as sublated.

The one is simultaneously determined as having gone beyond itself and as unity; the one, the absolutely determined limit, is consequently posited as a limit which is none a limit which is in being but is indifferent to it.

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