Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

The Sublation of Becoming

The Sublation of Becoming
Remark: The Expression ‘ To Sublate ’

1. To sublate, and the sublated ( that which exists ideally as a moment), constitute one of the most important notions in philosophy. It is a fundamental determination which repeatedly occurs throughout the whole of philosophy, the meaning of which is to be clearly grasped and especially distinguished from nothing.

2. What is sublated is not thereby reduced to nothing. Nothing is immediate; what is sublated, on the other hand, is the result of mediation; it is a non-being but as a result which had its origin in a being. It still has, therefore, in itself the determinate from which it originates.

3.  ' To sublate ' has a twofold meaning in the language: on the one hand it means to preserve, to maintain, and equally it also means to cause to cease, to put an end to.

4.  Even  'to preserve ' includes a negative elements, namely, that something is removed from its influences, in order to preserve it.

5.  Thus what is sublated is at the same time preserved; it has only lost its immediacy but is not on that account annihilated.

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