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positing : Logik, p.94-95

positing : Logik, p.94-95

1. positing, strictly speaking, first occurs in the sphere of essence, of objective reflection; the ground posits that which is grounded through it;

more strongly, the cause produces an effect, an existence whose subsistence is immediately negated and which comes the meaning that it has its substance, its being, in an other.

2. In the sphere of being, existence only emerges out of becoming. . . .
In the sphere of being, the self-determining of the concept is at first only in itself or implicit, and for that reason it is called a transition or passing over. . . .

3. In the different cycles of determination and especially in the progress of the exposition, or, more precisely, in the progress of the concept in the exposition of itself,

it is of capital concern always to clearly distinguish what still is in itself or implicitly and what is posited, how determinations are in the concept and how they are as posited or as existing-for-other.
. . .

4. The determinateness thus reflected into itself is therefore again a quality -- determination.

Lenin :Conspectus of Hegel’s Science of Logic — Book II (Essence)


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