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Valorization of capital, 資本增值

Valorization of capital, 資本增值

有關這名詞的討論,請參閲 曼德爾的《 晚期資本主義 》,倫敦新左派叢書出版。「 增值 」, 原文是 Valorization ,在國際通訊 第四十、四十一期合刊中( 七五年 十二月十八日 ),曼德爾 曾對這名詞的意思作如下簡短解釋:

「 馬克思 把資本主義 商品生産過程描述為 兩個不同過程的統一 —— 勞動力生産 使用價值的勞動過程,與 勞動力生産 超過其自身價值增值過程,在生産過程中,創造出來的 剩餘價值 必定要通過 商品的銷售 才能實現出來;

 其後,資本才能占用它,并由此實際地增加資本的價值,在資本論 的英譯本裏,這個過程的名稱( 德文是 Verwertung )通常是「 資本的自我膨脹 」 ( Self-expansion of Capital )。

這會導致錯誤理解,因為它抽空了物質地創造價值的勞動過程 和實現過程,如果資本確實達致膨脹,後者是必要的,絶不是自我創造出來的,因而用 Valorization ( 增值 ) 這名詞,而不用「 Self-expansion 」這名詞 —— 譯者

excerpted from Mandel : Late Capitalism , page 598.

Volarization ( Verwertung ): The process whereby capital increases its own value by the production of surplus-value.

Marx presents the process of commodity production as a unity of  TWO distinct process -- the labour process through which labour-power produces use-values, and the valorization process through which labour-power produces additional value over and above its own value.

This surplus-value, although created during the process of production, has first to be realized through the sale of commodities before capital can appropriate it and therewith actually increase its own value.

The traditional translation of this notion ( Verwertung ) in Capital as the ' sefl-expansion '  of capital is misleading, because it abstracts from the labour-process which materially creates value and from the process of realization which is necessary for capital to achieve its 'expansion':

it is therefore not used in Late Capitalism.

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