Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Nodal line of measure-relations

Nodal line of measure-relations

1.  Here we have a measure-relation, a self-subsistent reality qualitatively distinguished from others.

2.  Such a being-for-itself, since it essentially is at the same time a relation of quanta, is open to externality and quantitative alternation; it has a margin within which it remains indifferent to this alternation and does not alter its quality.

3. But there comes a point in the quantitative alternation at which this quality alters and the quantum shows itself to be specifying, so that the altered quantitative relation is suddenly turned into a measure and thereby into a new quality, a new something.

. . .

4.  From the qualitative side, therefore, the gradual, merely quantitative progression which has no limits in itself, is absolutely interrupted; and since in its merely quantitative connection to newly emerging quality is with respect to the vanishing one an indeterminate other, one which is indifferent to it, the transition is a leap; the two are posited as wholly external to each other.

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