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Transition into Essence

Transition into Essence

1. What is still missing here is that this reflection should sublate itself, that it would cease to be the external reflection of thought, of a subjective consciousness, but that it would be rather the very determination of the difference of that unity --

a unity which would then prove itself to be the absolute negativity, the unity's indifference no less than towards otherness.

2. Being in general and the being or immediacy of the different determinacies have thereby vanished just as much as the in-itselfness, and the unity is being, immediately presupposed totality,

so that it is only this simple self-reference, mediated by the sublation of this presupposition, and this presupposedness, the immediate being, is only a moment of its repelling:

3. the original self-subsistence or self-identity are only as the resulting infinite self-rejoining. And so is being determined as essence -- being which, through the sublation of being, is simple being with itself.

Zeller : Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy.

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