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Paul Mattick :Ernest Mandel’s Late Capitalism (1972)

Chris Harman :Mandel’s Late Capitalism (July 1978)


Table of Contents

    Introduction     7
1     The Laws of Motion and the History of Capital     13
2     The Structure of the Capitalist World Market     44
3     The Three Main Sources of Surplus-Profit in the Development of Modern Capitalism     75
4     'Long Waves' in the History of Capitalism     108
5     Valorization of Capital, Class Struggle and the Rate of Surplus-Value in Late Capitalism     147
6     The Specific Nature of the Third Technological Revolution     184
7     The Reduction of the Turnover-Time of Fixed Capital and the Pressure towards Company Planning and Economic Programming     223
8     The Acceleration of Technological Innovation     248
9     The Permanent Arms Economy and Late Capitalism     274
10     The International Concentration and Centralization of Capital     310
11     Neo-Colonialism and Unequal Exchange     343
12     The Expansion of the Services Sector, the 'Consumer Society', and the Realization of Surplus-Value     377
13     Permanent Inflation     408
14     The Industrial Cycle in Late Capitalism     438
15     The State in the Age of Late Capitalism     474
16     Ideology in the Age of Late Capitalism     500
17     Late Capitalism as a Whole     523
18     The Crisis of Capitalist Relations of Production

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