Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

The Truth of Being is Essence

The Truth of Being is Essence

1. Being is the immediate. Since the goal of knowledge is the truth, what being is in and for itself, knowledge does not stop at the immediate and its determinations, but penetrates beyond it on the presupposition that behind this being there still is something other than being itself, and that this background constitutes the truth of being.

2.  . . . Essence, as the complete turning back of being into itself, is thus at first the indeterminate essence; the determinacies of being are sublated in it; it holds them in itself but without their being posited in it.

3.  . . . Essence issues from being; hence it is NOT immediately in and for itself but is a result of that movement, or, since essence is taken at first as something immediate, it is a determinate existence to which another stands opposed; it is only essential existence, as against the unessential.

4. But essence is being which has sublated in and for itself; what stands over against it is only shine. The shine, however, is essence's own positing.

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