Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Man has nothing at all other than experience

I have always considered this effect to be quite insignificant and have always wondered at the modesty of the majority of people who ascribe such lofty value to the thoughts of others and so little to their OWN that they spend their lives learning the former rather than PRODUCING THEIR OWN, a modesty which, in regard to my thoughts, I utterly refuse to tolerate.

. . .

Man has nothing at all other than experience, all that he arrives at, he arrives at only through experience, through LIFE itself . . .

Nothing has unconditioned value and meaning other the LIFE; all remaining thinking, musing, knowing, only have value insofar as they relate in some way to the LIVING, proceed from it,and intend to return to it [ ie., to LIFE ].

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