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[轉] : BNO @ Austria

[轉] : BNO @ Austria

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If you are going to stay in Austria for more than 3 months you have to register with the competent municipal authority ( Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft ) within 4 months of your stay and you will receive a confirmation of registration ( fee: 15 euros; additional fees may occur ).

For this registration you need the following documents:

    completed and signed application form
    valid identity card or passport
    proof of a health insurance covering all the necessary costs, e.g. European Health Insurance Card, insurance policy, …
    proof of sufficient financial means, e.g. deposit in an Austrian bank, traveller’s cheques, . . .
    students also need a confirmation of admission by the university.

This registration is required in addition to the registration at the registration office (see below)! Attention: Non-compliance with this regulation can be fined with up to 200 euros.

 The confirmation of registration is for an unlimited period and need not be renewed.



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