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[蝗災]內地父母港產仔成災, 醫院變難民營, 港孕婦生完訓地

understanding hegelianism ch 6,

excerpted from understanding hegelianism ch 6 by Sinnerbrink

Hyppolite's reading of Hegel

1. Hyppolite makes the unhappy consciousness central to Hegel's phenomenology, retaining the Marxist emphasis on the rational transformation of social reality, but also acknowledging the finite character of human action and tragic dimensions of historical experience.

2. Hyppolite thus created a " hybrid " reading of Hegel -- combining existentialist and Marxist elements -- that resisted the subordination of difference, negativity and division into the dialectical unity of reason.

3. The later Hyppolite turned to the Heideggerian history of Being in order to overcome the flaws of Hegelian humanism (relativism and reductionism ). humanity is no longer the hero of history but rather the mouthpiece of Being.

4. From Hyppolite's Heideggerian perspective, history becomes a repetition of the Same -- a revealing of the poem of being -- rather than opening up possibilities of progress, regress, or even the " end of history".

The Genesis and Structure of the Phenomenology of Spirit

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[蝗災]內地父母港產仔成災, 醫院變難民營, 港孕婦生完訓地

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