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German prepositions : the "da-" preifx

German prepositions : the "da-" preifx

1. The " da-" corresponds to English "therefore", "therewith" and so on ...

2. Thus, we may have : dabei, dadurch, dafür, dagegen, dahinter, damit, danach, daneben, davon, davor, dazu, and dazwischen.

3. I the the preposition begins with a vowel, an " r" is insterted : daran, darauf, daraus, darin, darüber, darum, and darunten.

NO other prepositions combine with " da".

4. These compounds with " da" replace preposition + pronoun referring to inanimate objects.
The two-word form is retained for persons.


Was hast du für ihn gemacht?

Was hast du dafür bezahlt?

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