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German prepositions : contracted forms

German prepositions : contracted forms

1. an, auf, durch, für, in ,um + accusative das =
ans, aufs,durchs, fürs, ins, ums

also : hinters, übers, unters, and vors.

2. an bei, in, von, zu + dative dem =

am, beim, im, vom,zum

also : hinterm, überm, unterm, vorm.

3. The only contracted form with a feminine article is " zu + der" , which becomes zur.

4. The contracted forms are NORMALLY expected unless there is some resaon to stress the article, and one really MUST use them in such expression as, eg., :

im Gegenteil : on the contrary

im im allgemeinem : in general

zum Beispiel : for example

im Freien : in the open air

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