Dienstag, 18. September 2012

The pure idea of absolute liberation

The pure idea of absolute liberation :

it is the idea that in its determination remains with itself. The transition is to be grasped, therefore, in the sense that the idea freely discharges itself, absolutely certain of itself and internally AT REST.

On account of this freedom, the form of its determinateness is just as absolutely free: the externality of space and time absolutely existing for itself without subjectivity.

. . .

But what is posited by this first resolve of the pure idea to determine itself as external idea is ONLY the mediation out of which the concept, as FREE  CONCRETE EXISTENCE that from externality has come to itself, raises itself up, completes this self-liberation in the science of spirit,

and in the science of logic finds the highest concept itself, the pure concept conceptually comprehending itself.


// this is the the relationship between PG and the LOGIK

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