Montag, 24. September 2012

Kant B136

Kant B136

The supreme principle of the possibility of all intuition, in its relation to understanding, is that all the manifold of intuition should be subject to conditions of the original synthetic unity of apperception.

Kant B132 : but the representation ( 'I think' ) is an act of spontaneity, that is, it cannot be regarded as belonging to sensibility.

仲有近期 陶傑言論,明日之後言論,    唔少人都覺得戰爭就到



陶傑 : 天快亮了,撐下去

@香港陶傑 :昨夜在香港北京樓 與金庸、倪匡夫婦晚飯. 查先生慶祝婚姻紀念.   年八十九,   精神氣息甚佳,  對大陸近日局勢, 老人家瞭如指掌,   謹代向微博網友問好,   懇請保重,   快天亮了, 挺下去.

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