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German : normal order (verb as the 2nd element ) part 2

German : normal order (verb as the 2nd element ) part 2

4. there are , however, a number of parenthetical expressions which may be put at the beginning of a sentence WITHOUT causing inversion.

They are followed by a COMMA (,), or EXCLAMATION mark (!), and are felt as standing OUTSIDE the sentence. They include :

i) Ja
ii) Nein,
iii) the name or other designation of the person addressed.


Ja, das stimmt. (, is a must)

Nein, er kann nicht.

Paul, wo ist dein buch?

Herr Lehrer, ich habe es vergessen.

5. The commonest of the other terms which qualify fort his non-inversion treatment are : (remember they are followed by comma, or ! ) :

also, : well now, well then
das heißt : d.h., = i.e.,
im Genenteil,
mit anderen Worten,
nun : well
na: well
siehst du,:
unter uns : between ourselves

6. The ONLY circumstance where a sub-ordinate clause may employ NORMAL word order is in :
i) indirect speech AND
ii) other noun clause objects when " daß" (that ) is NOT used.

Er glaubte, daß ich krank wäre. ( He thought that I was ill.)

Er glaubte, ich wäre krank. ( He thought I was ill.)

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