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German conjunctions : 3 when

German conjuntions : 3 when

1. " when " as a conjunction is rendered by "wann" in indirect question :

Ich weiß nicht, wann ich nach Hause komme. (put the verb at the END)

2. by " als" referring to single event or state in the PAST.

Als ich ihn sah, war er sehr beschäftigt.

(in using sub-ordinating conjunction, the verb is put at the END, in the main clause the subject-verb ORDER is inverted.

It is Because the WHOLE sub-ordinate clauses is counted as the FIRST element.
Therefore, the the first word after the COMMA is the VERB which is the SECOND element.

Als ich jung war, las ich viel.

3. by "wenn " referring to the PRESENT or FUTURE or to a repeated occurrence in the PAST.

Wenn (whenever) mein Onkel uns besuchte, bekam ich immer schöne Geschenke.

Ich werde es ihm sagen, wenn (when) er kommt.

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