Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Individuals are born and pass away;

Individuals are born and pass away; the genus is what abides in them, what recurs in all of them, and what is present only for [those] thinking them over.

. . .

eg., duties and rights are the essence of actions and the truth of the latter consists in being in conformity with those universal determinations.

. . .

By determining what is universal in this way, we find that it forms the OPPOSITE of an other, and this other is the merely immediate,  external ,  and individual OVER AGAINST the mediated,  inner, and  universal.

[轉] : 全球最長篇連環圖 - 我們的《 古惑仔 》


. . . 自1992年 至今陪伴我們 20年。

即使各路衛道之士認為 江湖漫畫 誨淫誨盜,從香港創意工業的角度而言,《古惑仔》實屬奇葩。 . . .

港漫夕陽 只是近黃昏


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