Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Der Endzweck : 終極目的 ( Final Purpose )

Der Endzweck  : 終極目的 ( Final Purpose )

. . . the principle of the reflective power of judgment in relation to the living products of nature is determined as the PURPOSE , the ACTIVE concept, the universal that is determined and determining in itself.

. . . the purpose in living things is a determination and activity IMMANENT in the matter, AND all the members exist EQUALLY and MUTUALLY as means and end [ ZWECK ] FOR EACH OTHER.

. . .

Final Purpose [ Endzweck, 終極目的 ] is merely a concept of OUR practical reason and CANNOT be deduced from any data of experience for making judgments about nature, NOR can it be related to [any] knowledge about it.

No use of this concept is possible, EXCEPT by practical reason in accordance with moral laws; . . .

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