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A miracle has occurred in Hong Kong: a “May Fourth Movement” has taken place in Hong Kong. So many of these young chaps who hardly ever care a damn about culture or history, have suddenly wanted to argue fiercely with me over matters about orthodox Chinese culture, Han culture and cultural pluralism.

Indeed, they must have surpassed in their fervor the university professors of anthropology or cultural studies in Hong Kong.

While the cultural commenters and the revolutionary actors of the May Fourth Movement were two separate groups of people, these young persons are more formidable than the May Fourth Movement campaigners; they are able to link up their cultural discussions with the network province, the political groups as well as the actors at the front line.


As a cultural scholar and an ethnologist who has been doing research on cultural subjects for some twenty or thirty years and has published profusely on cultural matters, it's only natural for me, Wan Chin, to come forward to talk about the characteristics of Hong Kong's culture and the localization of orthodox Chinese culture. But what on earth is this force driving these young people who consider me as their adversary, to spark all these discussions on cultural matters with so much enthusiasm? How come all of a sudden they have all become cultural partakers and critics?


This is a riddle. Next time I go to the US embassy it might be a good idea for me to talk to their official in charge of Hong Kong cultural affairs.

Translated by: KT & JC


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陳雲:遲些大家可以試下抬紙皮棺材入地鐵,等地鐵職員用尺來量。之後大家可以講,「 你地唔使量啦,副壽板是送畀你的,尺寸剛剛好。」量棺材是大忌,死到臨頭先量棺材。


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