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CS6223 Distributed Systems :RPC --client handle : Clnt_create()

CS6223 Distributed Systems :RPC --client handle : Clnt_create()

excerpted from Richard Stevens --Unix network programming volume 2: Interprocess Communications (2 ed.), ch. 16, page 402-404.

assignment :
Client handles are intended to look like standard I/O FILE pointers ( hence the uppercase name of CLIENT)


. . .

cl = Clnt_create (argv[1], SQUARE_PROG, SQUARE_VERS, "tcp");

. . .

1. The first argument to clnt_create is either the hostname or IP address of the host running our server.

2. The second argument is the program name.

3. The third argument is the version number, both from the square.x file.

4. The final argument is our choice of protocol.

5. How to compile on the client side:

rpcgen -C square.x
cc -c client.c -o client.o
cc -c square_clnt.c -o square_clnt.o
cc -c square_xde.c -o square_xdr.o
cc -o client client.o square_clnt.o square_xdr.o libunpic.a -lnsl

The -C option to rpcgen tells it to generate ANSI C prototypes in the square.h header.

rpcgen also generates a client stub ( square_clnt.c ) and a file named square_xdr.c that handles the XDR data conversion.

6. How to compile on the server side:

cc -c server.c -o server.o
cc -c square_svc.c -o square_svc.o
cc -o server server.o square_svc.o square_xdr.o libunpipc.a -lnsl

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