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 陳雲:中台兩岸政治大手筆。如果習近平國家主席 和馬英九總統 在新加坡提議研究成立 華夏邦聯 或中華邦聯,習近平可以青史留名,成就蓋過鄧小平,馬英九可以為台灣爭取和平協定和返回聯合國,光榮退任。而兩人將有機會聯手獲得下屆諾貝爾和平獎。



China-Taiwan cross-strait political power play. If Xi Jinping, the president of the People's Republic of China and Ma Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China should propose in Singapore the consideration of the establishment of Orthodox Chinese Confederation or Chunghwa Confederation,

 Xi Jinping's name would go down in the annals of history and his accomplishment would overshadow that of Deng Xiaoping, and Ma Ying-jeou would be able to retire in honor after making the effort to strive for Taiwan for a peace agreement and its return to the United Nations.

Furthermore, it's possible for the two of them to jointly win the Nobel Peace Prize in the next round.

On the other hand, the dispute over South China Sea's sovereignty would also be mitigated as the peripheral countries could wait for a chance to join the Orthodox Chinese Confederation in the form of associate membership. This would make a joint control sovereignty of South China Sea and future joint exploration of the region possible.

Once China and Taiwan should unite successfully to form a confederation, Hong Kong would be able to make use of its city-state autonomy status to obtain confederation membership.

As for the US, they would also move forward to alleviate East Asia's military conflict and expand free trade.

——這是明晚 《 本土論壇 》 的討論內容,然而當然不及我現在寫的貼文那麼清晰。

This will be the content of discussion for 'Local Forum' tomorrow night. But, of course, the presentation will not be as clear as what I have written here in this posting.

Translated: KT & JC

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香港政治教育講座 之《共產黨政術學習班》

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