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Richard Kroner : Von Kant bis Hegel

Richard Kroner (1884 - 1974) was a German neo-Hegelian philosopher, known for his Von Kant bis Hegel (1921/4), a classic history of German idealism written from the neo-Hegelian point of view. He was a Christian, from a Jewish background. He is known for his formulation of Hegel as 'the Protestant Aquinas'.

His Jewish ancestry led him to be 'suspended' (dismissed) under Nazi legislation in 1934, from his university position at Kiel. He was replaced briefly by Hans-Georg Gadamer, a personal friend.

Kroner's ideas on Hegel, including his slant from Kierkegaard, were taken up by some existentialist thinkers, including Lev Shestov and Nikolai Berdyaev.

Richard Kroner : Von Kant bis Hegel

Hegels theologische Jugendschriften (1907)

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