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The speculative reflection of spirit

The speculative reflection of spirit

... and the one determination is at the same time only with reference to the other; their being is one subsisting.

1. Ordinary thought . . . It holds these two determinations apart, external to each other, and has only them in mind, not the transition on from the one to the other which is the essential and that which contains the contradiction.

-- The speculative reflection of spirit, to mention it here, consists on the contrary in grasping and enunciating contradiction.

2. Although it might not express the concept of things and their relations and  has only representational determinations for its contents, it nevertheless connects these in a reference that contains their contradiction and lets their concept reflectively shine through the contradiction.

3. --But thoughtful reason sharpens, as it were, the blunt difference of diverse terms, the mere manifold of representation, to essential distinction, to apposition.

4. Only when driven to the extreme of contradiction are the many of that manifold quickened and alive to each other : they hold the negativity in them which is the inner pulse of self movement and life.

see also:

 page 382 on contradiction and the self-movement of spirit . . .

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