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German genitive case

German genitive case

1. A noun in the genitive case will usually follow the noun it qualifies, UNLESS the genitive refers to a member of one's family OR is a person's name:

das Buch meines Freundes (my friend's book)
das Wohnung seines Bruders (his brother's apartment)
die Mutter meiner Freundin (my girl friend's mother )
das Haus ihres Onkels (her uncle's house)


Peters Fahrrad (Peter's bicycle)
Onkel Wilhelms Auto (Uncle William 's car)

2. Although expressions of time are usually in the accusative, as mentioned earlier, if the expression refers to habitual or indefinite time the genitive is used.

eines Tages (one day)
eines Abends (one evening)
morgans ( in the morning)
sonntags (on Sundays)

3. Note that when the article is OMITTED, the word functions as an adverb and is therefore written with a SMALL letter:

Ich spiele des Abends gern Karten. (I like playing cards in the evening.)


Meine Eltern machten samstags einen Spaziergang im Park.
(My parents used to go for a walk in the park on Saturdays.)

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