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EE5410 Fundamental Frequency

EE5410 Fundamental Frequency

There are 3 ways to refer to the fundamental frequency:
1. radian frequency w0 in rad/sec;
2. cyclic frequency f0 in Hz;
3. the period T0 in sec.

Each one has its merits in certain situations.
The relationship among these is: w0 = 2*PI*f0 = (2*PI)/T0.

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Parkour 飛躍道指出, 當人正視死亡的恐懼時,真實的屬己的自我,才會顯露出來。在真正屬已的狀態中,「我 」( I) 總是居先的,如果一個人被畏懼壓倒,通過沒入於眾人或 匿名的「 人們」(They) 來保護自己,正如人們通常所做的那様,他就進入了 " 不真誠的"( inauthentic)生存狀態。

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