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認識般若思想專家孔茲 ( E.Conze)

認識般若思想專家孔茲 ( E.Conze)

PERFECT WISDOM: The Short Prajnaparamita Texts 金剛經, 心經
Translated by Edward Conze, 1973. (235pp.)
The_Short_Prajnaparamita_Texts,Conze,1973,1993.djvu (2.0M)
(Prajnaparamita in 700, 500, 150, 50, 25 Lines; in few words; in One Letter; for Kausika; for Five Bodhisattvas. Diamond Sutra 金剛經. Heart of Prajnaparamita. Questions of Survikrantavikramin; of Nagarsi. 108 Names of Holy Prajnaparamita. 25 Doors to Prajnaparamita.)

Conze's 心經, 金剛經 Works


歐洲學者孔茲 ( E.Conze) 的《 心經》 英譯本為什麼那麼盛行?

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