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EE5410 Convergence of the Fourier Series

Convergence of the Fourier Series

1. For a periodic signal that has NO discontinuities, the Fourier series representation converges and equals the original signal at every value of t.

2. For a periodic signal with a finite number of discontinuities in EACH period, the Fourier series representation equals the signal everywhere except at the isolated points of discontinuity,
at which the series converges to the AVERAGE value of the signal on either side of the discontinuity.

Conze's 心經, 金剛經 Works

歐洲學者孔茲 ( E.Conze) 的《 心經》英譯本為什麼那麼盛行?

孔茲 (Conze) 著作 : 心經, 金剛經等英譯

西方學者孔玆 ( E.Conze) 將般若思想發展分為哪四個階段?

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