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EE5410 Signal Processing -- What is the unit impulse response h[n]?

EE5410 What is the unit impulse response h[n]?

excerpted from Signal Processing First, ch.5.
1. When the input to the FIR filter is a unit impulse sequence, ie., x[n] = delta[n], the output is, by definition, the unit impulse response, or simply the impulse response h[n].

2. When the relation between the input and the output of the FIR filter is expressed in terms of the input ( x[n] ) and the impulse response ( h[n] ), it is called a finite convolution sum, and we say that the output is obtained by convolving the sequences x[n] and h[n].

3. For example, a term such as x[n-2] is the x[n] signal with its values shifed two places to the right ( 整條 signal x[n] 位移 2 格 ).

The multiplier h[2] SCALES the shifted signal x[n-2] to produce the contribution h[2]x[n-2].

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