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It is Wan Chin who has expounded Hong Kong's city-state sovereignty; still, he is seen as the founding father of the theory of Hong Kong independence. The local commies made no wrong judgment to order Lingnan Univertsity to give me my walking papers.

Please circulate this posting widely for the sake of emboldening the young people, so that they would muster up their courage and march forward!


Is the advocating of Hong Kong independence a breach of the law? Why Communist China, together with its farting maggots and mouthpieces in Hong Kong keep saying that it is a breach of the law? How come they even brought into service the Hong Kong law concerning rebellion against the British sovereign, the Queen? When has the Chinese Communist Party begun to show that much reverence to the law?


First, according to Hong Kong's rule of law which is based on the common law, the publishing of opinions advocating Hong Kong independence or the proposing and promoting of Hong Kong independence through a peaceful modality involving no armed striving is not a breach of the law.

Since Hong Kong has no parliament formed through universal suffrage and there's no referendum law (as the procedure for the amendment of the Basic Law requires the final ratification by the NPC*, it's not possible for Hong Kong to lay down referendum law), there are thus only two situations in which it is feasible to achieve Hong Kong independence. One of them is the total collapse of China or the collapse of the people's central government which would leave no one single legitimate government to govern the entire Chinese territory. Then at any rate, Hong Kong would announce independence, a move “theory of Hong Kong city-state” also goes along with.


The second situation is to press ahead with Hong Kong independence through actions: organize propaganda campaigns, run for council election to gain hold of positions that allow more speaking opportunities, pressurize through constant opinion polling (the so-called electronic referendum), and arrange international lobbying, etc. All such actions are legal in Hong Kong under the rule of law. Whereas the method the Chinese Communist Party can use is the state's authoritarian power, a recipe outside the law, which utilizes intelligence agencies, abduction by national security agents, beatings and intimidation by sinister gangs, the closing of bank accounts of the opposition, harassment by inland revenue department, refusal of the mailing of political propaganda materials by the registration and electoral office (Nakade Hitsujiko's** case is an example), torture and interrogations by police or ICAC, and other ways.


Why Communist China would not dare to use the state's authoritarian power to deal with the pro-independence camp in Hong Kong? Why Communist China should want to lead itself on a merry chase, trying to make use of the power of the rule of law, which is simply useless for dealing with the pro-independence camp? The answer is simple. Hong Kong is a region of independent judiciary; Hong Kong is another sovereignty which resembles a nation. In Hong Kong, various parties are present: there is Communist China, and there are the US and Taiwan, not to mention Communist China's red second generation, which hopes Hong Kong's judicial independence would be maintained so that there will be protection for ill-gotten money and illegal residence.


Who would have thought that Communist China, which has all along been drawing on the state's authoritarian power to deal with the dissidents and civil rights activists, should want to talk about rule of law in Hong Kong! Noticing such a change, Wan Chin could not prevent himself from gazing into the sky to let out a roar. Fantastic! Fantastic! Ever since Hong Kong's sovereignty had been described in “theory of city-state sovereignty”, young people have been getting more audacious than ever. This turn of events has driven Communist China mad!


(note: As regards the legislation of article 23 of the Basic Law, Communist China would never dare to do it in Hong Kong, which had already been expounded by Wan Chin, or else, should it happen that figures such as Bo Xilai and the like are to be prosecuted in Hong Kong for treason, Xi Jinping would be summoned to court for public hearing in Hong Kong, to appear in a big public show of accusation and counter-accusation in the court of Hong Kong. Communist China's party strife would become a TV series.)

* NPC: National People's Congress

** Nakade Hitsujiko: A notable political activist and blogger turned candidate for public election.

Translated by: KT & JC

陳雲:在香港鼓吹港獨、倡議成立香港共和國 是否違法?


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