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陳雲論黑格爾金句 : 凡係存在,就係合理

陳雲論黑格爾金句 : 凡係存在,就係合理

陳雲:「凡是存在的,都是合理的。」這句是誤解黑格爾的話,也是愚昧的通俗理解。如果有人這樣來幫暴政鎮壓平民或商業集團剝削解圍,那麼反抗暴政的也是同樣合理,這句說話就變成無意義,也令世事昏亂,無可解釋。黑格爾在 《 法哲學原理 》 ( Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts, 1820 ),即 《 法哲學原理 》 的序言是這麼說的:「 凡是合乎理性的東西都是現實的;凡是現實的東西都是合乎理性的。」

The utterance “anything that exists is reasonable” is not only a miscomprehension of Hegel's own words, but also a foolish common understanding. If there should be someone making use of such a misunderstanding come to the rescue of a tyranny for its suppression of the common people or a commercial group for its exploitation, then the opposition to a tyranny is also reasonable. 

And so, rendered meaningless, the utterance would only bring about confusion and disorder, making practical matters totally unexplainable. Actually, Hegel in his 'Philosophy of Right' (Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts, 1820), that is, in the introduction of 'Philosophy of Right', says, “Whatever thing that behaves in accordance with reason is realistic; anything that is realistic behaves in accordance with reason.”


The 'reason' which Hegel refers to is absolute reason, the historical inevitability of the development of things. Thus, anything that behaves in accordance with such reason actually exists in the world. And conversely, anything that exists in the world behaves more or less in accordance with such reason.


For instance, capitalists would possibly make use of the 'nation' to reinforce exploitation. In that case, they would actively engage in nation building and promote nationalism. Such doings are reasonable things, things that actually exist. 

But, for capitalists to oppose the nation, oppose localism, and through a ruling group composed of capitalists collude with foreign powers and betray the nation, such doings are unreasonable and such state of affairs being transient and morbid, will certainly be done away with.

Translated by: KT & JC


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