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German : subjunctive vs indicative

German : subjunctive vs indicative

Its use in reported speech, however , is unavoidable and should be mastered.

1. The most important thing to be remembered is that the subjunctive expresses the uncertain, the hypothetical and the supposed,

whereas the indicative expresses certainty, fact and definite knowledge.


i) Er fragte mich, ob ich keanr bin.
Ich fragte ihn, ob er krank sei.

ii) Ich mochte wissen, ob er kommt.
ich fragte mich, ob er kame.

2. In short, the forms of the subjunctive are on the whole very regular and its uses are mainly in :

1) conditional clauses;
2) indirect speech;
3) a number of exclamatory wishes and
4) some clauses introduced by damit ( in order that) or als ob ( as if).

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