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German : Modal Auxiliaries

German : Modal Auxiliaries

I) The verbs :

1. dürfen : to be allowed to;
2. können : to be able to;
3. mögen : to like to;
4. müssen : to have to;
5. sollen : to ought to;
6. wollen : to want to

are known as modal auxiliaries because the they mainly used in conjunction with other verbs whose significance they modify.

They express respectively :

1. permission (dürfen ),
2, ability ( können),
3. inclincation (mögen),
4. necessity (müssen),
5. obligation (sollen), and
6. volition(wollen) to perform the action of the associated verb.

II) This associated verb normally occupies the FINAL position in the clause, is always in the infinitive without any zu.

Wir können das Auto nicht finden.

III) The present tense of model verbs is irregular:
i) note that the absence of 3rd person singular ending, and
ii) the CHANGE of vowel in the plural except sollen.

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