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German :verbs as another parts of speech

German :verbs as another parts of speech

1. A verb may function as another parts of speech, as a noun or as an adjective.


Das schwimmen ist sehr gesund.

When a verb is used as a noun, it is stated that when OTHER parts of speech are used a nouns, they are invariably neuter.

2. In fact, ANY infinitive can be used as a neuter noun, and this usage is more common in German than in English.

3. One reason for its greater frequency in German is that it is often used to perform the function of another English verb noun, the " -ing" form.


Sehen ist Glauben. ( note the Capital letter)

Ich habe Angst vorm Fliegen.

「美 國 第 七 艦 隊 偵 測 到 少 量 輻 射 , 已 把 原 本 停 泊 在 離 岸 160 公 里 水 域 的 航 空 母 艦 列 根 號 駛 走 。 」

美國口話「 少量」,但身體卻很誠實 . . .

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