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German : passive voice : werden, worden NOT geworden

German : passive voice : werden, worden NOT geworden

When werden is used as an auxiliary to form the passive, its past participle is worden and NOT gewarden.

eg. the 6 basic tenses

present : Ich werde geärgert. ( I am being annoyed.)

future : Ich werde geärgert. ( I shall be annoyed.)

simple past : Ich wurde geärgert. ( I was annoyed.)

perfect : Ich bin geärgert worden. ( I have been annoyed.)

pluperfect : Ich war geärgert worden. (Ich war geärgert worden.)

conditional : Ich würde geärgert werden. (I should be annoyed.)

2. The simple past and the perfect are both used for a variety of English meanings :

sagt may be "said" or "was saying"; and hat gesagt may be " said" or " has said", and that the two tenses in German are more often than not interchangeable, so one need not worry.

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