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Before 1997, the United Kingdom preserved the Article 25 (B) while signing the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” for Hong Kong. This laid an inferior root for the latter controversy on Hong Kong’s prospect of universal and equal suffrage. So there is an obligation for the United Kingdom, in order to close the gap of history, to give pressure on China through various diplomatic and economic means, urging her to comprehensively approve and accomplish the Covenant, that already signed in 1998, and apply the Article accordingly to Hong Kong.

As we all know, there are 3.5 million Hong Kong people who possess BNO passports. Such figure shows that the BNO holders preoccupy half of the total Hong Kong population. Simply, they are British Nationals, and the United Kingdom has the responsibility to guarantee that they enjoy the basic human rights in accordance with the international standards, particularly for a popularised and fair system of election. Therefore, there is a definite moral and political restraint for the United Kingdom to coerce her administration to make sure that happen in Hong Kong and preserve our common values.

The “Sino-British Joint Declaration” clearly defines that the One-Country-Two-Systems will remain unchanged for 50 years, as well as a promise for a high degree of self-autonomy. Thus, this Declaration is not a blank paper, instead it is a constitutional document with the National People’s Congress of China verified as law.

 Lu Ping has ever stated, “It is the local affairs of Hong Kong people to decide how they develop democracy, whereas the Central Government would not make any sort of interventions”. This corresponds with the main direction of One-Country-Two-Systems defined in Deng Xiaoping’s era while having a meeting with Leung Chun-ying; Xi Jinping, the present PRC President, reiterated that, “There aren’t any changes on how the Central Government deals with the cored values of One-Country-Two-Systems."

Thus, it is a gifted privilege for Hong Kong people to independently decide what kind of methods is applied for their election on HKSAR Chief Executive. China should not interfere with the decisions made by Hong Kong people. Therefore, it is appropriate for the United Kingdom to give pressure on China, urging her to verify and implement the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, as well as enabling the Article on universal and equal suffrage to be applied in Hong Kong.

However, lots of evidences we have seen, have indicated that China, on her own single side, violates the “Sino-British Joint Declaration”. For example, the Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Long openly conducted canvassing activities for Leung Chun-ying during the Chief Executive Election in 2012. Before the verification of Legislative Council, the Guangdong Provincial Government had planned the “Northeast New Territories Development Scheme” for Hong Kong without a prior consultation on the views of Hong Kong people.

The organizations under the supervision of PRC State Council came to Hong Kong and commanded the “Anti-Occupy Central Campaign”. Recently, the “White Paper” of State Council claimed that, the administrative power of Hong Kong Government solely comes from the Central Government. Without the authorization of Central Government, the Hong Kong Government hasn’t got any rights to administer Hong Kong…… All these prove that, the Communist China brutally violates the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” without any sincerity to follow the international agreement.

Margaret Thatcher had ever stated that, “I guarantee, the United Kingdom will try all possible means to make this agreement successful”. Zhao Ziyang, Former President of PRC, also stated that, “To ensure the Joint Declaration being comprehensively accomplished without interventions is the common duty between China and the United Kingdom”. Therefore, there are both rights and responsibilities for the United Kingdom to encounter the problems faced by Hong Kong.

With reference to the Electoral Law, the People’s Congresses of different level are in fact formed through illegal means. The entire country is governed by a triad-like organisation. This is a very overbearing realm that horrifies many people. The reason for Hong Kong having a meritorious foundation nowadays is attributed to the efforts made by the British administration as well as civilization. Now, Hong Kong is colonised by a country with a low-ranked civilisation, which is the Communist China. This has realised what Margaret Thatcher described, “The disaster would happen”.

Therefore, we decide to remain outside the building of British Consulate General and bring up these following demands:

(1) As the violent misconduct of Hong Kong Police is out of control, we request the British Consulate General to allow us, in your protection, to stay on your ground area in front of the British Consulate General, or to directly open the building for sheltering Hong Kong people in a temporary module.

(2) The British Consulate General should provide the remained Hong Kong people with basic humanitarian supports, such as legal assistance.

(3) The United Kingdom should announce that China has brutally violated the “Sino-British Joint Declaration”, as well as giving pressure on China for approving the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” and enabling the Article of universal and equal suffrage to be applied in Hong Kong.

(4) We invite the British Consulate General to play the role as an intermediary and assist us to have a meeting with the Members of Parliament whom will come to Hong Kong shortly. It is hoped that we could meet within the area of Cenotaph at Statue Square in Central. On the day of meeting, we do not require the Members of Parliament to reply immediately, and we must hold the high level of etiquette.

What we need is that they can accept our letter of petition in public. And we hope that, two days before the meeting, the British Consulate General can confirm us the arrangement of the meeting. If these requests can be satisfied, we will consider withdrawing from the British Consulate General and the area outside.

Please believe that we are truly sincere without any intentions of conspiracy. During our presence in your premises, we will strictly act in the hygiene, tidy and peaceful manner. We will try our best not to interfere with the normal daily operations of the British Consulate General, so as to demonstrate the well-cultivated temperament as the remaining British Nationals.

I believe that the United Kingdom is kind and humanitarian with a sense of empathy. We are looking forward to the replies from you and the United Kingdom.


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