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陳雲:預告城邦高峰會之第二輪會議 —— 探討城邦公民效忠,震懾離地中產。

陳雲:預告城邦高峰會之第二輪會議 —— 探討城邦公民效忠,震懾離地中產。

陳雲:預告城邦高峰會之第二輪會議 —— 探討城邦公民效忠,震懾離地中產。





(按:1. BNO不是英國國籍。你就想。2. 雖然法律上香港的永久居民身份不是國籍,但這只是九七過渡的權宜之策,


2015 June 8
Dr. Wan Chin

Preview of the second round of the City-State Summit Conference ---- an inquiry into the allegiance of city-state citizens, and the daunting of the absentee middle class

Since 1997, many of the government officials, magnates, Pan-Democrat legislative members, hack writers on public opinions, hosts of government radio programs on public affairs, local commies and their flunkies who have dual citizenship or incognito dual citizenship, have continued to sell out the interests of the people of Hong Kong, undermining Hong Kong's local communities, politics, economy, education, and culture.

Ridiculous it is we have Canadian national called upon Hong Kongers to love the 'nation of Chinese communists' and Australian national called upon Hong Kong to set down anti-HK independence laws. Locally, together with the commies, Hong Kong residents who hold dual citizenship exploit their status of being citizen of two different places, wantonly speak evil of Hong Kongers, and do the same outside Hong Kong. They do all they can helping the commies with their colonial invasion of Hong Kong, bringing about a population explosion and a shortage of land supply in Hong Kong, and then they reap exorbitant profits from China-Hong Kong business, real estates and so on. They sell out the local interests of the Hong Kongers, and with the large profits they raked in, they return to their adopted countries.

Having more than five hundred thousand people who have dual citizenship, Hong Kong has the highest proportion of the population who have dual citizenship in the world. Enjoying the same civil rights just as the ordinary local people of Hong Kong, these people pose a threat to Hong Kong's internal security. It is imperative for Hong Kong to inquire into the issue of local allegiance of these people who have dual citizenship. Restriction on their nomination right in the legislative council and the election of chief executive (voting right is negotiable), as well as their eligibility to take governmental office at the executive level should be imposed. However, voting in the district council is alright.

(note: 1. That's a misconception of yours if you think BNO is British nationality. 2. Even though legally, Hong Kong's permanent residentship is not a nationality, it is a political expedient for the transfer of sovereignty in 1997. Once the perennial effectiveness of the Basic Law is recognized, and Hong Kong's de facto sovereignty status is affirmed, residentship of Hong Kong will undergo deep change, the former and the new identity cannot be put on the same par. )

Translated by: KT & JC

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