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陳雲:為什麼我主張在2016 或至少 在2020年之前就要商談 《基本法》的年限問題,從而重新啟動香港的普選安排?

陳雲:為什麼我主張在2016 或至少 在2020年之前就要商談 《基本法》的年限問題,從而重新啟動香港的普選安排?



中共更要掌握在它仍能夠有效對香港行使宗主國的主權之際,仍然有效engage美國之際,用中國的憲法授權,安排 《基本法》 的恆久效用(永續 《 基本法》  ),奠定香港附庸國的法源,令香港的憲法來自中國授權。




2015 May 30
Dr. Wan Chin

Why do I propose we should discuss in 2016 or at least before 2022 the issue concerning the expiry of the “Basic Law”, in order to restart arrangement with Hong Kong's universal suffrage? It is because of the looming political instability in China and the impending collapse of its economy.

Hong Kong is not Ukraine or Lithuania to the former Soviet Union, neither is it an agricultural society nor an industrial city. Hong Kong is an international finance center. Before the outbreak of internal turmoil in China, early arrangement need to be made with the still undecided de facto sovereign status of Hong Kong as a vassal state, in order to avoid the order of international finance being thrown into disarray.

While the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still in the position of a suzerain to effectively exercise jurisdiction over Hong Kong, and to effectively engage the US, it ought to, being empowered by the constitution of the People's Republic of China, arrange for the perennial effectiveness of the Basic Law (perennial Basic Law) , so as to establish the legal basis for Hong Kong's sovereign status of a vassal state, making the constitution of Hong Kong a derivation from China's empowerment. Given this, should the CCP continue to rule mainland China, the relationship between China and Hong Kong will stabilize, giving rise to a long period of peace.

The CCP could prearrange the sovereign status of Hong Kong, so that in the event of the collapse of the CCP, with the warlord regimes replacing them, even Hong Kong declare its independence in order to protect itself, because of the constitution of Hong Kong has its origin from that of China, the money the communists have stored away in Hong Kong, and their companies and staff in Hong Kong, and even a communist government on exile, could still receive aid from a pro-China Hong Kong government for their operation.

Otherwise, the US will take over Hong Kong and redraft the constitution through a referendum, making the legal basis for Hong Kong's independence to come directly from the people of Hong Kong, and causing Hong Kong to suffer from a political isolation as well as a cultural isolation, the consequence of which will be that Hong Kong will subject to a long-term US domination.

In conclusion, if the CCP still wish to extend its survival, it must waste no time before the outbreak of unrest in China, to confirm Hong Kong's sovereign status of a vassal state. If they dilly-dally letting time to slip by, then in case an unrest spark off, creating a situation in which the warlords resort to the use of force to storm and capture, and usurp power --- because they have not the authority to make political arrangements for Hong Kong, the US will in the name of protecting the safety of international finance take over Hong Kong, bringing on the commies' rest in peace. By then all I can do for the commies is to make amends for their sins.

Translated by: KT & JC

陳雲:為什麼我主張在2016 或至少 在2020年之前就要商談 《基本法》的年限問題,從而重新啟動香港的普選安排?


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