Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

The ground of diminution lies in the not-self

The ground of diminution lies in the not-self

Passivity is posited as a QUALITY opposed to reality, as NEGATION ( not simply as a lesser quantum of activity; . . . )

. . . the ground of a quality is called its real ground.

By means of the concept of substantiality, activity in the self (accident in the self) leads to the positing and determining of a passivity ( NEGATION ) therein.

Hegel : The Phenomenology of Spirit. tr. Terry Pinkard  (2012)

Hegel : Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse,%20Georg%20Wilhelm%20Friedrich/Enzyklop%E4die%20der%20philosophischen%20Wissenschaften%20im%20Grundrisse

Hegel : The Encyclopaedia Logic ( with the Zusatze ). tr. by T. F. Geraets, W. A. Suchting, and H. S. Harris, 1991

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