Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

香港人 有自己嘅 HongKong Style !-- SFJ

香港人 有自己嘅 HongKong Style !-- SFJ

古巨基,鄭伊健,錢國偉 秘密聯手執導的 二次創作 < HongKong Style!> SFJ 登場!

 -- Hence, the determinate character of formal activity in the interdetermination through substantiality is an exclusion from a sphere determinate, FILLED UP, and to that extent having totality ( of what it CONTAINS ).

The self is originally posited as positing itself; and this self-positing to that extent FILLS OUT the sphere of its absolute reality.

The self posits an object, or EXCLUDES something from itself, simply because it excludes, and on no higher ground: by means of this EXCLUSION, the HIGHER sphere of positing in general ... now first becomes possible.

. . .
-- It is further clear that by SUBSTANCE we designate, not the ENDURING, but the ALL-COMPREHENDING.

( Hints : see Kant and Hegel 's comment on Substance . . .  )

 HongKong Style !-- SFJ

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