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外藉人士 睇唔過眼 匯豐改用殘體字, 去信 SCMP 投訴

外藉人士 睇唔過眼 匯豐改用殘體字, 去信 SCMP 投訴

外藉人士 睇唔過眼 匯豐改以殘體字 為優先語言, 去信 SCMP 投訴

SCMP 29th September 2012, Article by P. Lebrun

Simplified characters insult citizens

I have noticed that a growing number of HSBC Premier Centres in Hong Kong have prioritised the use of simplified Chinese over traditional Chinese characters on their signage. For example, I took a photograph of one at Pacific Place, in Admiralty.

This is disgraceful because HSBC has given the city's written language lower priority and, more importantly, accorded the people of Hong Kong lower priority, even though over many years, rain or shine, they have grown up with this bank.

It seems HSBC Hong Kong has let greed, or money coming from the mainland, blur its vision.

Before HSBC's management jumps back with a defensive argument claiming traditional Chinese is still a form of Chinese, I wish to reinforce that I am not trying to point out a linguistic issue, but rather a social-cultural one.

It is, to me, appalling that a company of this magnitude can be so insensitive to local presence.

Are you really " the world's local bank "? I urge you to have a rethink about this.

P. Lebrun, Happy Valley

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