Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

On reciprocity : the magnet and the iron

On reciprocity : the magnet and the iron

1.   Something must be implicit in both, which makes them fit to be in reciprocity.

2.   In the reciprocal relation of efficacy, an activity is posited in the not-self by means of a passivity in the self, that is, a certain activity is NOT posited in the self, or removed therefrom, and posited instead in the not-self.

 . . . namely a positing by means of nonpositing, ( a conferring in consequence of deprivation ), or a transference.

3.    But all positing is the prerogative of the self; here this activity of transference, is attributable to the self.

4.    The self transfers activity from itself onto the not-self, and thus to that extent abolishes activity in itself; and this, by the foregoing, means that through activity it posits a passivity in itself.

5.    Insofar as the  self is action in transferring activity to the not-self, the not-self is passive; activity gets transferred to it.

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