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 Wan Chin: 城邦國情咨文。請各位盡可能廣傳或製圖傳達,註明陳雲面書的出處就可以。

State of the City-State address.

Please circulate as widely as possible or enhance it with artwork for wider dissemination, quoting Wan Chin's Facebook posting as the source.



A great era is often accompanied by some big theory.

According to what she can remember, the former chairwoman of the Democratic Party, Lau Wai-hing, said that she supported Hong Kong independence in the 80s,

 and even now Hong Kong independence has not slipped her mind.

Founding member of the Democratic Party, Lee Chu-ming, said that he had considered Hong Kong independence in the 80s,

but since weapons and ammunition were not available, armed revolution was out of the question,

 so he has supported the approach of a democratic China: to democratize China first, and then Hong Kong will return to China, a democratic China.


After Trump has come into power, strife between political theories of the new epoch has become the theoretical struggle between city-state autonomy on one side and Hong Kong independence and self-determination on the other,

 as well as the theoretical wrangling between the localists and the pan-democratic leftards.

陳雲的城邦自治理論,是繼承英治時代的半自治狀態 及鞏固香港特別行政區時代的高度自治狀態,城邦自治是確定香港本身有實然主權的。





Wan Chin's theory of city-state autonomy inherits the semi-autonomous state of the era of British rule, and consolidates the highly autonomous state of the era of Hong Kong SAR. City-state autonomy confirms the fact that Hong Kong has de facto sovereignty.

Seeking independence from colonial rule, Hong Kong independence and self-determination both deny the fact that Hong Kong itself has de facto sovereignty. In case it is assumed that Hong Kong has not a time-honored tradition of exercising de facto sovereignty, Hong Kong, after freeing itself from colonial rule, will become a newborn country needing to immediately attach itself to the protection of an extraterritorial power --- that is, the protection of the US. Therefore, Hong Kong independence is tantamount to the seeking of US patronage.

To get protection, it is necessary to pay protection fees and offer slaves and concubines to the overlord who gives you protection. After gaining independence, Hong Kong will have no choice but allow the US to deprive people of Hong Kong of their own interests and trample their dignity, just like the Philippines in the past when it was subject to the custody of the US. Ever since the Philippines had attached itself to the US, even today Filipino women have to serve in Wan Chai the US soldiers from the US warships, who are on vacation in Hong Kong


Self-determination, as the pan-democrats referred to, is nothing but the conducting of a referendum to decide independence. Precisely, self-determination is independence --- there's no need to regard the fact as a taboo.


The so-called self-determination of the people of Hong Kong is just the pan-democrats' theoretical shift from the theory of a democratic China --- the route taken before 1997 to seek the communists' patronage, to the theory of Hong Kong independence --- the route taken after 1997 to seek the patronage of the US.

原先陳雲用理論帶領的本土陣營,也分裂出去變成港獨派,首先是城邦派的一眾叛徒,之後是MyRadio 同仁,借助支援港獨,偷偷摸摸返回泛民陣營,返回他們原本屬於的老巢。



The localist camp originally led by Wan Chin through theories also has factions split away to join the independence camp. Betrayers of the city-state camp was the first group to leave, followed by colleagues of MyRadio, who, under the pretext of aiding Hong Kong independence, sneaked back to the pan-democratic camp, the lair they belonged to from day one.

Ultimately, only the pan-democrats, the pro-US traitors to Hong Kong, have money to collect, and only Hong Kong independence has the means to feed a fraternity of loafers.

The localist camp with the city-state autonomy group as its core has received no money, because neither the PRC nor the US is willing to let people of Hong Kong consolidate Hong Kong's de facto sovereignty, which would subsequently enable Hong Kong to acquire a status resembling a state but without the obligation of a state,

with which Hong Kong will be able to move around freely in the international community, getting things done easily, just like Wei Hsiao Pao, who, being tactful and diplomatic, was capable of achieving success one way or another.


Let's make use of a Chin Yung martial arts novel to draw an analogy: the Americans just don't want Hong Kong to become a Wei Hsiao Pao who can move freely between China and the US, making the most of both sides indiscriminately; rather, they want Hong Kong to play a similar role like that of Kuo Ching, who defended Hsiang Yang ch‘êng till death, and who had to beg for food.




Although Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman in exile in the US, has tactfully praised Lai Chee-Ying (boss of Apple Daily) through force of circumstances, he, as one of those anti-communist Chinese businessmen who have suffered greatly at the hands of the communists, actually spoke on YouTube about the things Hong Kong people must fight for themselves: Hong Kong must invigorate the 'One country, two systems' policy and safeguard judicial independence; in addition, Hong Kong must keep up with the internationalization of itself.

He does not support Hong Kong independence, because the mainland Chinese know that Hong Kong independence is precisely what will do the greatest harm to the interests of Hong Kong, which will also damage the interests of the mainland people.

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