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陳雲:我再次同香港人講撚清楚。2047年,現行 《基本法》 失效,中國會直接統治香港。

陳雲:我再次同香港人講撚清楚。2047年,現行 《基本法》 失效,中國會直接統治香港。










Hong Kong is in imminent danger of a constitutional crisis and a crisis of governmental legitimacy, which would lead to a revolution of independence for Hong Kong.

The government has previously allowed various groups to rig the legislative election in collusion with the Electoral Affairs Commission; and before the election, it has also made a wrongful use of administrative authority to exclude pseudo-pro-independence candidates from the election race.

In this current situation involving the submission of election petitions to the court by Chan Ho-tin and Leung Tin Kei, if the court should accept the cases, victory for both petitioners would be in the cards, which would necessitate a rerun of the election;

 if the government should appeal, subjecting the cases to further delay, then during this interim period of judicial proceedings, the legislative council would not be able to deliberate any bills or ratify funding, which would mean the council would need to be on leave indefinitely, so to speak.

Certainly, the court can refuse acceptance of the petitions using the excuse that they could lead to a constitutional crisis. But this is a paradox because the cause of a constitutional crisis is exactly the court's failure to take up the cases early enough and the government's failure to comply promptly with the court's ruling.




This would lead to the loss of legitimacy in terms of legal principles or moral gounds for this term of legislative council, and hence, bringing about widespread political apathy among the common folks, as well as creating the ethical prerequisites for a later revolution for independence.

But to rock the boat through the trick of creating a host of crises for Hong Kong to face with in 2017 is exactly what the Hong Kong commies want to do to entrap Xi Jinping.

The scandal of the legislative council's chairman-elect holding a foreign passport is nothing but a scrap of starter put before Beijing by the Hong Kong commie government. What's coming next will be the difficulty of the lack of legitimacy for the current term of legislative council. 

General Secretary, Mr Xi, please follow up this difficult issue with action. Foreign countries have been seeking grounds to support revolution of independence for Hong Kong. This time, an illegitimate parliament of Hong Kong has given rise to a favorable condition difficult to come by.

Translated by: KT & JC


陳雲 城邦論壇 本土論壇 161014 ep167 p2 of 2. 2047問題 選前否定選後肯定泛民是政治騙子

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