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陳雲:香港前途,要看美國 如何看待中共,轉而影響中共 如何看待香港

陳雲:香港前途,要看美國 如何看待中共,轉而影響中共 如何看待香港。


中共 在南海領土爭議地區建立海軍基地,威脅鄰國及航道安全,美國今年將改變對中共的看法,視為戰略敵對者( strategic rival),改變四十五年來 將中共定性為戰略夥伴 及拋棄親華政策。

請各位本土派同道 加緊努力宣傳 及行動,擴大香港本土派的群眾基礎 及行動實力,令美國將籌碼押一點在本土派這邊,如此,中共就會過來爭奪,彼此相爭,本土派就會從中得利。



陳雲: 《華爾街日報》 新聞,轉引自孔誥鋒。多謝孔sir報料。

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陳雲:南海可能爆發「代理人戰爭」,即是美國唆使盟友菲律賓 和越南向中共發炮,打海戰,美國戰艦在旁護航,在小領域戰爭挫敗中共,收割戰後利益。


2015 May 29
Dr. Wan Chin

The future of Hong Kong rests on the way the US is going to look upon the Chinese communists, which will in turn affect the way the communists would look upon Hong Kong. The communists' construction of naval bases in controversial areas of their South China Sea territories is a threat to the safety of its neighbors as well as that of the ocean-going waterways.

This year, the US is going to alter their way of looking upon communist China, viewing it as their strategic rival.

This will mean a fundamental shift in their stance of regarding China as their strategic partner and the abandoning of their pro-China policy for the past 45 years.

May I call upon all our localist comrades to work hard as promulgators of our ideals and take actions to expand the base of our public support and strengthen our capacity for actions ---- so that the Americans will put a few chips on the localist side. Should that happen the commies will have the incentive to compete for us.

We, the localists will only stand to gain from the tug of war between the US and the commies. This is the skill for survival in a crevice. Be smart, our localist comrades!

Translated by: KT & JC

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