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[一人一電郵] 要求英國政府 公開回應中共《一國兩制白皮書》。

[一人一電郵] 要求英國政府 公開回應中共《一國兩制白皮書》。

香港國民外交行動第一波。這是和平行動。下次是 MAD,mutually assured destruction,大家攬炒,一拍兩散。







主題: “One Country, Two Systems" White paper by PRC government


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I wrote to arouse your immediate attention regarding the newly published “The Practice of the One Country, Two Systems Policy in the HKSAR" White paper by the PRC government.

Like most of the local-born Hong Kong citizens who grown up in the colonial era, the practice of “one country, two systems" and “high degree of autonomy" is our core belief. This is why we still work and live here.

The real intention of the PRC government in launching the White paper is to deter any possible and foreseeable so-called riots or chaos in Hong Kong. However, the White paper itself has presented a re-definition of “high degree of autonomy" which reveals the PRC government’s intention of abolition of the Basic Law. In such sense, the Joint Sino-British declaration is DEFAULTED.

As most of the citizens query, why the UK government remains silent after the launch of the White paper? As the former mother country of Hong Kong, the UK government has the moral obligation in stating her stance, especially the Joint Sino-British declaration is an UN-registered and recognized agreement.

After the launch of the White paper, some citizens suggested to have follow-up campaign to express their anger.

I strongly suggest CG Wilson issues a statement to reiterate UK’s stance in this matter. I hope CG Wilson would treat this as high priority.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Hong Kong citizens


[一人一電郵] 要求英國政府 公開回應中共《一國兩制白皮書》。

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