Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

a human being is what he does

a human being is what he does.

that a human being is nothing other than the series of his actions. . . . in view of the unity of inner and outer, it should be recognized that great men willed what they did and did what they willed.


The empty abstractions, by means of which the one identical content is still supposed to obtain in the relationship, sublate themselves in the immediate transition, the one in the other; the content is itself nothing other than the identity (#138), they are the shine [Schein] of the essence, posited as shine.

through the force's expression, the inner is posited in concrete existence; this positing is the mediating by means of empty abstractions;

it vanishes in itself into the immediacy in which the inner and the outer are in and for themselves identical and their difference is determined as mere positedness [Gesetztsein]. This identity is the actuality.

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